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Tours, Charters & Special Ops

We hope to enrich your flying experience by providing you with some neat flights, and helping you see the world on the way!

There are two divisions of this section: Tours, Charters & Special Op. Within the tours we hope to take you to some of the world's coolest places, through long tours spanning the whole globe, or shorter tours that may only span one region.

The charter & special ops section will follow all kinds of different things such as sports, presidents, cargo charters, aircraft flight challenges and even things like mail routes. To get started, please select a tour or charter below.

Please Note

Any pilots that are at the Rank of GA Private Pilot, GA Instrument Rated or GA Commercial Pilot cannot participate in any Cal Air Tours, Charters or Special Operation Missions until they are at the rank of First Officer or higher


Down Under Tour

Down Under

European Tour

European Capitals

Caribbean Tour


World Tour


Busiest US Airports Tour

Busiest US Airports

The Milk Run

The Milk Run

Canada Tour


French Polynesia Tour

French Polynesia

Africa Tour


Most Dangerous Airports Tour

Most Dangerous Airports

Great Mountains of the World Tour

Great Mountains of the World

Ultimate Heli Tour

Ultimate Heli Tour

Charters & Special Ops

Nascar 2019

Nascar 2019

The Gimli Glider

The Gimli Glider