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Guideline on Flights Over 8 Hours (Long Haul)


There were a few Cal Air pilots in the past who were abusing the spirit of California Airlines by advancing through the ranks with excessive flight time. They were making long haul flights by setting autopilot and then walking away from the cockpit for hours on end. In order to be fair to all Cal Air pilots, this Long Haul Guideline was initiated on December 14, 2011.


A Long Haul flight is a single, continuous flight recorded as 8 hours or longer. There is also an eligibility requirement for Pilots to get credit for Long Haul flights.

When a Long Haul flight is recorded, the PIREP is automatically sent to the Director of Flight Operations, with an informational copy going to the Pilot Supervisor.

It is the responsibility of the Director of Flight Operations to verify the flight and to notify the pilot if the requirements have not been met. The flight will remain unverified until the Director is satisfied that the requirements have been met, if not, the flight will be deleted.


Airbus A380-842

Source: Wikipedia


Boeing 777-200LR

Source: Wikipedia

Eligibility and Requirements for Long Haul Flights

Long Haul Eligibility is available to pilots with a rank of First Officer and above, the pilot must submit a log to the Flight Operations Director that shows:

  1. The zulu time each hour
  2. A fix or waypoint near that hourly point
  3. A record of the fuel remaining at that point
  4. For more information please refer to the Forums

Before making ANY flight for Cal Air, it is the responsibility of the pilot to have done proper flight planning to ensure that, IF the flight MIGHT approach 8 hours, the pilot must be prepared to maintain the position log.

The pilot must submit a log for that long haul flight within 3 Days of the flight to the Director of Flight Operations, in the event that the flight log is not received within 3 days, that flight and flight hours earned will be deleted.

Additionally, excessive flight time over a short period of time will also be subject to scrutiny by California Airlines Management.