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Flights in Progress

Welcome to our live ACARS flight tracking activity page. Here you can see the status of any flights in progress.

We have also added some external flight tracking and pilot flight data links where a pilot can view current flights in progress or access past pilot activity.

Current Flights

Pilot Flt No Orig Dest Acf Online Status
Recent Arrivals
Joseph Correia CAX2677 KSEA KDFW B739 Arrived
Jack Connolly PVT756 KONM KGNT C172 Arrived
Mark Brown BYO852 PHNL NSFA B738 Arrived
Dan Kress CAX2584 KLAX KLAS B738 Arrived
Mark Brown CAX7471 PHLI PHNL B738 Arrived
Kip Bean PVT1288 KPWM KPWM C172 Arrived
Santiago Alvarez PVT001 MGMM MMTG PC12 Arrived
William McDermott CAX15543 LIRF LSZH B737 Arrived
Santiago Alvarez PVT5506 MGGT MGMM BE20 Arrived
Mark Brown CAX7470 KSFO PHLI B738 Arrived
Radek Golik CAX1978 EGLL KJFK B748 Arrived
Dan Kress CAX2447 KSFO KLAX B738 Arrived
Jack Connolly PVT756 KTCS KNOM C172 Arrived
Mark Brown CAX2582 KJFK KSFO B738 Arrived
Santiago Alvarez PVT5503 MSLP MGGT BE20 Arrived