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Flights in Progress

Welcome to our live ACARS flight tracking activity page. Here you can see the status of any flights in progress.

We have also added some external flight tracking and pilot flight data links where a pilot can view current flights in progress or access past pilot activity.

Current Flights

Pilot Flt No Orig Dest Acf Online Status
Recent Arrivals
Jason P. CAX13450 EGPH LKMT A321 Arrived
Kevin Z. CAX636 LIRN EGGP A320 Arrived
Tony S. CAX9427 UDYZ UBBB B463 Arrived
Francisco R. CAX1151 KSAT KORD E145 Arrived
Tony S. CAX9426 UGTB UDYZ B463 Arrived
Stefano T. CAX13202 LIML LIEO MD80 Arrived
Mark B. CAX21003 NTMD NZWN B734F Arrived
Nandy D. CAX3278 RPVM RPMH B190 Arrived
Francisco R. CAX1154 KSFO KSAT E195 Arrived
Francisco R. CAX1198 KPSC KSFO CRJ2 Arrived
Davin B. CAX9303 BGGH BGBW C208 Arrived
Patrick T. CAX1091 KFLL KATL B738 Arrived
Matthew P. CAX1069 KAUS KDFW A321 Arrived
Stefano T. CAX13202 LIML LIEA MD80 Arrived
Francisco R. CAX1154 KSFO KPSC CRJ2 Arrived