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FS Economy (FSE)


FS Economy is a multi-player "persistent world" add-on for flight simulators, with an economical focus. It is "persistent" because the aspects of the game - aircraft location and fuel levels, etc. - are controlled by the players. Other players see changes in these items within the "game world". FS Economy is not a Virtual Airline. There is no schedule; there are no "levels"; there are no requirements to start from the bottom and work your way up. However, many VAs do use the FS Economy system to operate their VA.

The basic concept of FS Economy is that players use aircraft to move virtual passengers or cargo. Players can own their own aircraft, or rent them from other players or from "the system". Players must be aware of their aircraft's capabilities and fuel levels so that they can carry the cargo selected, or to not become stranded at an airport without fuel. There are many expenses associated with every flight - rental charges, fuel costs, etc.; as well as income from the virtual passengers or cargo. The goal is to make more income than associated operating expenses.

The Cal Air FSE group is opening up a new area of operation. Not in FBO ops, but in financing. In an effort to help our pilots buy (in FSE) and operate the planes that they enjoy, we will be offering aircraft financing services within FS Economy. Have your eye on a new plane to run that profitable route you've found, but don't quite have enough virtual money to buy it? We can help! We will begin offering small loans at reasonable rates and terms to Cal Air pilots to help them buy those planes.

Requirements and Prerequisites


  • The FSE Program is available for pilots with a rank of First Officer and Above
  • FSE flight reports can count toward the Pilot's Monthly Minimum Requirements
  • FSE flights may be flown either Offline or Online (Cal Air Online Guidelines apply)
  • FSE flights will be monitored by the FSE Administrator and Regional Managers
  • The pilot must use the class of FSE aircraft similar to those available at the pilot's Cal Air rank

FS Economy with (BYO) Aircraft

  • Acars Flight Number: FSExxxx, x = Numbers of the Pilots choosing, for the use of any General Aviation, Cargo or Airline Aircraft