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Retired Pilots



Source: Wikipedia

California Airline pilots exhibit an exceptional level of dedication and commitment. As with all careers, there comes a time where pilots have to make the decision to fly their final journey. California Airlines appreciates the contributions of all retired pilots.

"The engine is the heart of an airplane, but the pilot is its soul." ยป Walter Raleigh

Pilot Roster

  Name     Last
Rank Flight
black Craig Haas   US Tuesday, July, 25, 2017 comcap 4390.0
black Tom Bowden   _england Thursday, April, 27, 2017 comcap 2712.1
black Tony Burr   US Tuesday, May, 2, 2017 comcap 1813.1
black Ben Sinclair   _england Friday, April, 27, 2018 comcap 1267.5
black Konstantin Polihronov   BG Sunday, July, 2, 2017 comcap 1035.9
black Emanuel Acatrinei   IT Sunday, February, 11, 2018 comcap 697.8

Pilot Count: 6


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