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The Cal Air Merchandise Store

Ever thought it would be nice to have a t-shirt or coffee mug with the Cal Air logo on it? Well now you can. We are pleased to introduce the Cal Air Merchandise Store. Here you can find apparel and other items bearing the Cal Air Logo

If you're unfamiliar with CafePress, they are essentially a "print on demand" company. Designs are uploaded by us to them, and when someone purchases a product, the design is printed on the product and shipped to the buyer. The items are priced "with a very markup", with all proceeds going towards the ongoing expenses at Cal Air.

A disclaimer about quality: Since this is a Print-on-Demand service, we have not personally seen these items so we cannot guarantee with certainty the quality of the end product. However, CafePress has a pretty good Customer Service reputation, so if you receive a product you are not satisfied with, please contact them.