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Bring Your Own Plane (BYO)

Bring Your Own Plane

Pilots, who may wish to fly alternative Cargo and Airline Aircraft not listed in their hangar

They can submit their flight via the BYO Option, eg: Acars Flight Number Prefix, BYOxxxx x being numbers of their choosing

Requirements and Prerequisites

  • BYO aircraft must be currently in service with a valid aircraft ICAO
  • BYO flight reports can count toward the Pilot's Monthly Minimum Requirements
  • BYO flights may be flown either Offline or Online (Cal Air Online Guidelines apply)
  • BYO flights will be monitored by the BYO Administrator and Regional Managers
  • BYO flights must be able to be verified via Google Earth.
  • BYO military combat, rescue, spacecraft, or experimental aircraft types cannot be utilized for Bring Your Own
  • Only aircraft that the pilot is qualified to fly will be accepted
  • There will be no technical support by Cal Air for any BYO aircraft
DH8CSource: Wikipedia