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Our Structure

This is a summary of the new structure for California Airlines pilot ranks and the requirements for advancement through those ranks. California Airlines has been established as, and continues to be, an X-Plane based flight simulator Virtual Airline that promotes a realistic flight simulation experience.

As such, we strive to achieve these goals by being innovative and flexible in order to provide our pilots with a near-realistic airline operations experience.

Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)

An airline transport pilot (commonly called an "ATP") is tested to the highest level of piloting ability. The certificate is a prerequisite for acting as a flight crew-member in scheduled airline operations. The minimum pilot experience is 1,500 hours of flight time (1200 for Helicopters), 500 hours of cross-country flight time, 100 hours of night flight time, and 75 hours instrument operations time (simulated or actual)

Source: Wikipedia


Bombardier DHC-8-300

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Boeing 757-200

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Flying Alternative Aircraft

To meet eligibility for promotion, along with any required flight hours pilots can choose to fly from the following flight categories.

  • Cargo
  • Tours, Charters & Special Ops

Boeing 757-200

Source: Wikipedia

Table of Ranks, Hours and Requirements

Epaulet Rank Requirements
First Officer 1: First Officer | 0 - 10 Hours Must complete 10 flight hours
Senior First Officer 2: Senior First Officer | 10 - 30 Hours Must complete 20 flight hours
Captain 3: Captain | 30 - 60 Hours Must complete 30 flight hours
Flight Captain 4: Flight Captain | 60 - 100 Hours Must complete 40 flight hours
Senior Captain 5: Senior Captain | 100 - 150 Hours Must complete 50 flight hours
Commercial Captain 6: Commercial Captain | 150 - 210 Hours Must complete 60 flight hours
Commercial Flight Captain 7: Commercial Flight Captain | 210 - 280 Hours Must complete 70 flight hours
Commercial Senior Captain 8: Commercial Senior Captain | 280 - 360 Hours Must complete 80 flight hours
Certified Commercial Captain 9: Certified Commercial Senior Captain