Training Center    

In addition to the tutorials listed below, Cal Air also offers pilots its unique Interactive Training Courses. The Basic Training Course consists of 5 well designed lessons that take the pilot from simple pattern work through to IFR flying. On successfully completing the course, the pilot graduates and receives a graduation pin. Graduation from the Basic Training Course is mandatory for all Cargo Pilots before they can progress to First Officers.

Our Advanced Training Course consists of 8 lessons which cover, amongst other things, SID's and STAR's and flying in Europe.

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--- X-Plane ---

How To Use Goodway to Develop Real Life Flight Plans Obtained from the Internet
How To Use the Metar Weather file
How To Use The Autopilot

--- Aviation Principles ---

Introduction to VFR Symbols
VFR Chart Symbols
VFR Flight

--- Navigation ---

Understanding VOR's, VORTAC's and How To Use Them
How to Fly the Holding Pattern

--- VFR ---

Pattern At a Non-Towered Airport
Collision Avoidance

--- IFR ---

Understanding STARs, SIDs, and Flight Plans
VOR Approaches
VOR DME Approaches
NDB Approaches
ILS Approaches
Localiser Approaches
Localiser Back Course Approaches

Special Thanks to Hal Stoen from Stonework's for granting permission to Cal Air for using his tutorials.