How To Use Goodway to Develop Real Life Flight Plans Obtained from the Internet

GoodWay is an excellent flight planning tool. GoodWay uses X-Plane’s navigational data files to form the flight plans (such as the nav.dat, fix.dat, apt.dat, etc). If a waypoint is not found in X-Plane’s navigational database, GoodWay will convert this navigational point (also known as a FIX) into a GPS point. (We also maintain our own NavAid's database, so if you find a waypoint not recognised by X-Plane/Goodway, please report it on our Message Board).

You can use SimRoutes to creat a flight plan, and then save the flight plan as an X-Plane FMS file. The problem is that if the waypoint used by SimRoutes is not contained in the X-Plane navigational database, then X-Plane will not recognize that waypoint in the FMS file and your flight plan will not be recognized by X-Plane.

This tutorial will demonstrate how we can develop a flight plan with SimRoutes and FlightAware, and then import the flight plan into GoodWay. GoodWay will then convert the flight plan into an FMS plan that can be used by X-Plane, even if the navigational points from SimRoutes are not contained within the X-Plane navigational database.

NOTAM: FlightAware only contains flights that originate or arrive in the USA.

Obtaining Flight Plans from the Internet:

Open your favorite web browser.

Open the two following links (FlightAware, and SimRoutes), place each link in a different different tab or different window. (Flightaware web page). (SimRoutes Web page).

Go to the FlightAware Web Page using the link above and do the following:

Enter your departure airport under “Origin” and enter your destination airport under “Destination”.

Click on “Search".

You will then be presented with a list of flights from various airlines with routes from your Origin and Destination airport.

Click on the Airlines Flight Number, and a new window will load with all the information about that flight.

To the right of the Map, you will see a column that says “Route” this is the route for this flight.

Highlight the route and copy it (Ctrl-C on a Win PC, and Cmd-C on a Mac).

Go to the SimRoutes webpage using the link above and do the following:

Enter your departure and arrival airports.

Paste your copied route from FlightAware into the “Route” box of SimRoutes (Ctrl-V on a Win PC, and Cmd-V on a Mac).

Click the “Generate Route button”.

Export the flight plan by selecting “FS 2006 (FSX)” as the file format, then click on the “Download” button (it is very important to use the FS 2006 (FSX) file format.

You will be ask where to save the file. Save the file onto your Desktop.

Exit your web browser.

Creating X-Plane FMS file from FS 2006 (FSX) flight plan

Open GoodWay.

From the GoodWay’s “File” menu, select “Import” then select “ Flight Simulator Flight Plan (pln)”.

Look for the FS 2006 (FSX) flight plan that you saved in your desktop and import it into GoodWay.

If there are any waypoints that GoodWay does not find in the X-Plane’s navigation database, GoodWay will import them as GPS points. GoodWay will let you know when this happens.

Once you have imported the FS 2006 (FSX) flight plan, you may make changes to it by adding other waypoints etc. When you are done, save your flight plan as a GoodWay flight plan.

Export your flight plan to your GoodWay Plug in.

After you have exported our GoodWay flight plan to the FMS Plugin, you may exit GoodWay and Run X-Plane.

Once X-Plane is running, position your aircraft at the departure airport.

Go to the GoodWay Plugin, open the flight plan, then load the flight plan to FMS.

Once the flight plan has been loaded to the FMS, you may now press on the FMS Save button and save your FMS flight plan.

You are now ready to fly, enjoy and have a safe flight.