Pilot Orientation and Guidelines
(Our "Rules")


Welcome to California Airlines (CAX). Cal Air began airline operations on January 1st, 2001. Soon after the inauguration of Cal Air, we became one of X-Plane's most sought out virtual airlines. Cal Air pilots are a part of an elite group of aviation enthusiasts. We are part of a dynamic community of flight simulation pilots who, together as a group, are transforming Cal Air from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Getting Started

The Resource Center contains information a pilot needs to successfully plan and execute their flight. Prior to each flight, pilots are encouraged to check the weather and download the appropriate charts for their flight. After the completion of the flight, a pilot must file a Flight Report (PIREP) so that they receive proper credit. The PIREP data is entered in the pilotís log and a copy is sent to the Base of Operations Pilot Supervisor for review. Pilots can view their flight logs by selecting their assigned Base of Operations Roster.

Cal Air is proud to have a unique Ranking System involving many aspects of pilot's activities. To make the system work properly, time acceleration in X-Plane IS NOT ALLOWED.

CAX Pilot Active Status - Monthly Minimums

Cal Air is a prestigious corporation, and requires each of its pilots to maintain an active status. Active status is obtained by flying a minimum of two scheduled flights per month. The following flights count towards the monthly minimum:

• (CAX) Scheduled Cal Air flights
• (PVT) General Aviation flights
• (BYO) Bring Your Own Plane Program flights
• (GBR) Golden Bear flights
• Training Flights (CAXITC flights)
• Advanced Check Rides

A pilot will know when he/she has met the monthly flight minimum through the use of colored dots next to their name on the Base Roster. The dots will have the following meanings:

= Flight minimums have been met for the current month.

= Flight minimums have not been met for the current month.

= Suspended, pilot must contact their Base of Operations Chief Pilot, all flights must be verified.

= Pilot hasn't flown within 2 weeks of joining.

= Pilot will be removed from their Base Roster if flight minimums are not met by the end of the current month.

= Pilot is on leave of absence.

New Pilots

When a pilot first joins Cal Air, their name is added to the Base of Operations Roster that was chosen on the application. All new-hire pilots start out here as a General Aviation (GA) Private Pilot and selected (BYO) aircraft may be flown using the PVT ACARS prefix.

All new pilots start with zero flight hours. Cal Air does not allow the transfer of flight hours flown from other Virtual Airlines.

All new pilots must make their first flight within 2 weeks of being accepted as a Cal Air pilot.

Pilot ID Cards

All Cal Air pilots are given a Pilot ID Card. The pilot can access their ID Card by clicking on their name in their Base Roster. The Pilot ID Card contains special pins that are awarded to the pilot after completing Training Courses, Advanced Check Rides, Special Operations flights, Tours, and other accomplishments.

Flight reporting and time limitations

All flights must be flown, and flight reports (PIREP) sent, using the Cal Air XACARS system. A pilot's flight time may not exceed 24 hrs of flight time within a 24 hr period. Any one flight that exceeds 8 hours in duration must be flown in compliance with the Long Haul Policy and will be subject to verification. Additionally, excessive flight time over a short period of time will also be subject to scrutiny by Cal Air management.

Pilot Ranking and Aircraft Privileges

There are 3 separate divisions at California Airlines:

  • General Aviation (GA) - all new pilots start here
  • Cal Air Freight Operations (CFO) - after 100 hours of GA
  • Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) - after 50 hours of CFO

As pilots advance in rank, there will be new aircraft available for download. In order to be promoted, the pilot must achieve the required hours and where required pass a Check Ride (CKR) exam

  • Accumulated flight hours
  • Advanced Check Rides

Pilots may not report flight time for aircraft that they are not qualified to operate.

Charter Flights - BYO Flights

A Charter flight is a non-scheduled flight flown from and to any airport chosen by the pilot. Only GA aircraft are available to qualified pilots for charter flights. Qualifying restrictions apply.

Bring Your Own (BYO) flights are available to qualified pilots who wish to fly their own free-ware or pay-ware aircraft. See the BYO Guidelines for details.

Cal Air Online Regulations

Cal Air flights may be flown using one of the online networks, such as VATSIM or Pilot Edge. However, all online flights must be made in compliance with the Cal Air Online Guidelines. Please refer to our Online Center for specific details.

Pilot Training

Learn more about our CAX Interactive Training Program by visiting our Training Center.

Advanced Flight Check Rides

Learn more about our exciting check rides by visiting our Certification Center.

Cal Air Aircraft, Plug-ins, and Addon Files

Once qualified for more aircraft can be accessed from our Download Hangar.

All Cal Air Aircraft, Plug-ins, and Add-on files may NOT be modified nor distributed in any way.