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Founded in 2001, California Airlines (CAX) is one of the world’s leading virtual airlines. Based on the X-Plane flight simulator, we have been innovating and developing ever since. We operate from 20 main Bases of Operations with a fleet of over 30 well tested aircraft.

Our flight schedules been redefined to accomodate the pilots with the option of utilizing Real World / Real Airline or Fictional Flights.

We also have a series of challenging check rides that will take you through basic VFR understanding to mastering our own SST Concorde.

Charters and tours, our unique Golden Bear experience and regular online events give you a wide range of choice to satisfy your flight simulation needs.

Join now, and become part of the leading virtual airlines and experience flight simulation at its highest level, Click on the Concorde Icon to Join.

Note: All material presented on this website and forums is for flight simulation only and not to be used in real life flying.

Note: We treat flight simulation seriously, not as a game. If you want to have a "blast in the sky" this VA is not for you. If you want to be trained correctly and fly in a professional manner, this is the VA for you.

News and Updates

Advanced Training

Following our hugely successfull CAXITC Basic Training programme, CAXITC Advanced Training is now open for registration.

New Website On The Way

we are currently in the process of building a new website, with a more streamlined layout and functionality

New Base's

In December 2014 the Dubai, Moscow and Shanghai Base of Operations opened. This brings our total number of base's to 20

Golden Bear

Our Golden Bear Administrator has introduced a range of exciting GB flights.

CAX Flyin's

We hold regular flyins every month. Watch the forum for details.

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