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Flights in Progress

Welcome to our live ACARS flight tracking activity page. Here you can see the status of any flights in progress.

We have also added some external flight tracking and pilot flight data links where a pilot can view current flights in progress or access past pilot activity.

Current Flights

Pilot Flt No Orig Dest Acf Online Status
Recent Arrivals
Mark Brown GBR1508 KMIA KIAD CONC Arrived
Patrick Tierney PVT5241 KTTN KBID EPIC Arrived
Steve Waldhalm BYO0520 KRNT CYVR PIPA Arrived
Santiago Alvarez CAX9426 UGTB UDYZ BE20 Arrived
Patrick Tierney CAX1695 CYUL KJFK B738 Arrived
Santiago Alvarez CAX9425 LBSF UGTB E170 Arrived
Doug Stewart PVT551 LDDU EIDW BE58 Arrived
Jean Messier ITC003 KDKX 2NC0 C172 Arrived
Patrick Tierney CAX1311 CYHZ CYUL B738 Arrived
Jean Messier PVT126 LIBR LGZA BE33 Arrived
Caleb Thigpen PVT0811 KBAB KSNS EA50 Arrived
Santiago Alvarez CAX9424 LROP LBSF BE20 Arrived
Caleb Thigpen PVT0810 KBAM KBAB EA50 Arrived
Dan Kress CAX1880 KDEN KEGE B738 Arrived
Doug Stewart PVT551 LIRQ LDDU BE58 Arrived