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Flights in Progress

Welcome to our live ACARS flight tracking activity page. Here you can see the status of any flights in progress.

We have also added some external flight tracking and pilot flight data links where a pilot can view current flights in progress or access past pilot activity.

Current Flights

Pilot Flt No Orig Dest Acf Online Status
Recent Arrivals
Scott McKillop FSE378 KSMX KBFL C172 Arrived
Tony Szucs CAX1313 CYHZ CYYZ A319 Arrived
Scott McKillop CAX9007 PAYA PAJN B734F Arrived
Santiago Alvarez BYO2633 KWWD KLGA SF34 Arrived
Ron Diamond CAX9028 PAKT KSEA B734F Arrived
Brian Sewell CAX14552 EGLL LIPZ A321 Arrived
Ron Diamond CAX9027 PASI PAKT B734F Arrived
Kyle Muller PVT123 KRTN KAEG PC12 Arrived
Ron Diamond CAX9026 PAJN PASI B734F Arrived
Ron Diamond CAX9025 PANC PAJN B734F Arrived
Ron Diamond CAX9024 PAFA PANC B734F Arrived
Kyle Muller PVT122 KDFW KRTN PC12 Arrived
Santiago Alvarez PVT1234 KBOS KWWD PC12 Arrived
William McDermott CAX9418 UMMS UUEE B737 Arrived
Ron Diamond CAX9023 PANC PAFA B734F Arrived