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Flight Schedules

Our schedules, which have recently being refined to add more flexibility for our Pilots, in the past our Flight Schedules had a limited choice of outbound / inbound flights or for how long. Pilots now have the benefit of choosing where to fly to or from or for how long utilizing the California Airlines Freight Operations (CFO), Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Aircraft Fleet and the Golden Bear (GBR) Aircraft Fleet

This now gives our Pilots a limitless choice of Outbound / Inbound flight destinations spanning the globe.

Scheduled Flights

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Flight # Origin Destination Airline Ident Flight Rules Rte Duration Aircraft
CAX1000 IFR   DH8C
CAX1001 IFR   SF34
CAX1002 IFR   CRJ2
CAX1003 IFR   E170
CAX1004 IFR   MD90
CAX1005 IFR   E190
CAX1006 IFR   A320
CAX1007 IFR   B738
CAX1008 IFR   B752
CAX1009 IFR   B788
CAX1010 IFR   B763
CAX1011 IFR   A332
CAX1012 IFR   A343
CAX1013 IFR   B772
CAX1014 IFR   MD11
CAX1015 IFR   A388
CAX2000 IFR   DH8C
CAX2001 IFR   SF34
CAX2002 IFR   CRJ2
CAX2003 IFR   E170
CAX2004 IFR   MD90
CAX2005 IFR   E190
CAX2006 IFR   A320
CAX2007 IFR   B738
CAX2008 IFR   B752
CAX2009 IFR   B788
CAX2010 IFR   B763
CAX2011 IFR   A332
CAX2012 IFR   A343
CAX2013 IFR   B772
CAX2014 IFR   MD11
CAX2015 IFR   A388
CAX3000 IFR   DH8C
CAX3001 IFR   SF34
CAX3002 IFR   CRJ2
CAX3003 IFR   E170
CAX3004 IFR   MD90
CAX3005 IFR   E190
CAX3006 IFR   A320
CAX3007 IFR   B738
CAX3008 IFR   B752
CAX3009 IFR   B788
CAX3010 IFR   B763
CAX3011 IFR   A332
CAX3012 IFR   A343
CAX3013 IFR   B772
CAX3014 IFR   MD11
CAX3015 IFR   A388
CAX4000 IFR   DH8C
CAX4001 IFR   SF34
CAX4002 IFR   CRJ2
CAX4003 IFR   E170
CAX4004 IFR   MD90
CAX4005 IFR   E190
CAX4006 IFR   A320
CAX4007 IFR   B738
CAX4008 IFR   B752
CAX4009 IFR   B788
CAX4010 IFR   B763
CAX4011 IFR   A332
CAX4012 IFR   A343
CAX4013 IFR   B772
CAX4014 IFR   MD11
CAX4015 IFR   A388
CAX5000 IFR   DH8C
CAX5001 IFR   SF34
CAX5002 IFR   CRJ2
CAX5003 IFR   E170
CAX5004 IFR   MD90
CAX5005 IFR   E190
CAX5006 IFR   A320
CAX5007 IFR   B738
CAX5008 IFR   B752
CAX5009 IFR   B788
CAX5010 IFR   B763
CAX5011 IFR   A332
CAX5012 IFR   A343
CAX5013 IFR   B772
CAX5014 IFR   MD11
CAX5015 IFR   A388
CAX6000 IFR   DH8C
CAX6001 IFR   SF34
CAX6002 IFR   CRJ2
CAX6003 IFR   E170
CAX6004 IFR   MD90
CAX6005 IFR   E190
CAX6006 IFR   A320
CAX6007 IFR   B738
CAX6008 IFR   B752
CAX6009 IFR   B788
CAX6010 IFR   B763
CAX6011 IFR   A332
CAX6012 IFR   A343
CAX6013 IFR   B772
CAX6014 IFR   MD11
CAX6015 IFR   A388
CAX7000 IFR   DH8C
CAX7001 IFR   SF34
CAX7002 IFR   CRJ2
CAX7003 IFR   E170
CAX7004 IFR   MD90
CAX7005 IFR   E190
CAX7006 IFR   A320
CAX7007 IFR   B738
CAX7008 IFR   B752
CAX7009 IFR   B788
CAX7010 IFR   B763
CAX7011 IFR   A332
CAX7012 IFR   A343
CAX7013 IFR   B772
CAX7014 IFR   MD11
CAX7015 IFR   A388
CAX8000 IFR   DH8C
CAX8001 IFR   SF34
CAX8002 IFR   CRJ2
CAX8003 IFR   E170
CAX8004 IFR   MD90
CAX8005 IFR   E190
CAX8006 IFR   A320
CAX8007 IFR   B738
CAX8008 IFR   B752
CAX8009 IFR   B788
CAX8010 IFR   B763
CAX8011 IFR   A332
CAX8012 IFR   A343
CAX8013 IFR   B772
CAX8014 IFR   MD11
CAX8015 IFR   A388
CAX9000 IFR   DH8C
CAX9001 IFR   SF34
CAX9002 IFR   CRJ2
CAX9003 IFR   E170
CAX9004 IFR   MD90
CAX9005 IFR   E190
CAX9006 IFR   A320
CAX9007 IFR   B738
CAX9008 IFR   B752
CAX9009 IFR   B788
CAX9010 IFR   B763
CAX9011 IFR   A332
CAX9012 IFR   A343
CAX9013 IFR   B772
CAX9014 IFR   MD11
CAX9015 IFR   A388
CAX10000 IFR   DH8C
CAX10001 IFR   SF34
CAX10002 IFR   CRJ2
CAX10003 IFR   E170
CAX10004 IFR   MD90
CAX10005 IFR   E190
CAX10006 IFR   A320
CAX10007 IFR   B738
CAX10008 IFR   B752
CAX10009 IFR   B788
CAX10010 IFR   B763
CAX10011 IFR   A332
CAX10012 IFR   A343
CAX10013 IFR   B772
CAX10014 IFR   MD11
CAX10015 IFR   A388
CAX11000 IFR   DH8C
CAX11001 IFR   SF34
CAX11002 IFR   CRJ2
CAX11003 IFR   E170
CAX11004 IFR   MD90
CAX11005 IFR   E190
CAX11006 IFR   A320
CAX11007 IFR   B738
CAX11008 IFR   B752
CAX11009 IFR   B788
CAX11010 IFR   B763
CAX11011 IFR   A332
CAX11012 IFR   A343
CAX11013 IFR   B772
CAX11014 IFR   MD11
CAX11015 IFR   A388
CAX12000 IFR   DH8C
CAX12001 IFR   SF34
CAX12002 IFR   CRJ2
CAX12003 IFR   E170
CAX12004 IFR   MD90
CAX12005 IFR   E190
CAX12006 IFR   A320
CAX12007 IFR   B738
CAX12008 IFR   B752
CAX12009 IFR   B788
CAX12010 IFR   B763
CAX12011 IFR   A332
CAX12012 IFR   A343
CAX12013 IFR   B772
CAX12014 IFR   MD11
CAX12015 IFR   A388
CAX13000 IFR   DH8C
CAX13001 IFR   SF34
CAX13002 IFR   CRJ2
CAX13003 IFR   E170
CAX13004 IFR   MD90
CAX13005 IFR   E190
CAX13006 IFR   A320
CAX13007 IFR   B738
CAX13008 IFR   B752
CAX13009 IFR   B788
CAX13010 IFR   B763
CAX13011 IFR   A332
CAX13012 IFR   A343
CAX13013 IFR   B772
CAX13014 IFR   MD11
CAX13015 IFR   A388
CAX14000 IFR   DH8C
CAX14001 IFR   SF34
CAX14002 IFR   CRJ2
CAX14003 IFR   E170
CAX14004 IFR   MD90
CAX14005 IFR   E190
CAX14006 IFR   A320
CAX14007 IFR   B738
CAX14008 IFR   B752
CAX14009 IFR   B788
CAX14010 IFR   B763
CAX14011 IFR   A332
CAX14012 IFR   A343
CAX14013 IFR   B772
CAX14014 IFR   MD11
CAX14015 IFR   A388
CAX15000 IFR   DH8C
CAX15001 IFR   SF34
CAX15002 IFR   CRJ2
CAX15003 IFR   E170
CAX15004 IFR   MD90
CAX15005 IFR   E190
CAX15006 IFR   A320
CAX15007 IFR   B738
CAX15008 IFR   B752
CAX15009 IFR   B788
CAX15010 IFR   B763
CAX15011 IFR   A332
CAX15012 IFR   A343
CAX15013 IFR   B772
CAX15014 IFR   MD11
CAX15015 IFR   A388
CAX16000 IFR   DH8C
CAX16001 IFR   SF34
CAX16002 IFR   CRJ2
CAX16003 IFR   E170
CAX16004 IFR   MD90
CAX16005 IFR   E170
CAX16006 IFR   A320
CAX16007 IFR   B738
CAX16008 IFR   B752
CAX16009 IFR   B788
CAX16010 IFR   B763
CAX16011 IFR   A332
CAX16012 IFR   A343
CAX16013 IFR   B772
CAX16014 IFR   MD11
CAX16015 IFR   A388
CAX17000 IFR   DH8C
CAX17001 IFR   SF34
CAX17002 IFR   CRJ2
CAX17003 IFR   E170
CAX17004 IFR   MD90
CAX17005 IFR   E190
CAX17006 IFR   A320
CAX17007 IFR   B738
CAX17008 IFR   B752
CAX17009 IFR   B788
CAX17010 IFR   B763
CAX17012 IFR   A343
CAX17013 IFR   B772
CAX17014 IFR   MD11
CAX17015 IFR   A388
CAX18000 IFR   DH8C
CAX18001 IFR   SF34
CAX18002 IFR   CRJ2
CAX18003 IFR   E170
CAX18004 IFR   MD90
CAX18005 IFR   E190
CAX18006 IFR   A320
CAX18007 IFR   B738
CAX18008 IFR   B752
CAX18009 IFR   B788
CAX18010 IFR   B763
CAX18011 IFR   A332
CAX18012 IFR   A343
CAX18013 IFR   B772
CAX18014 IFR   MD11
CAX18015 IFR   A388
CAX19000 IFR   DH8C
CAX19001 IFR   SF34
CAX19002 IFR   CRJ2
CAX19003 IFR   E170
CAX19004 IFR   MD90
CAX19005 IFR   E190
CAX19006 IFR   A320
CAX19007 IFR   B738
CAX19008 IFR   B752
CAX19009 IFR   B788
CAX19010 IFR   B763
CAX19011 IFR   A332
CAX19012 IFR   A343
CAX19013 IFR   B772
CAX19014 IFR   MD11
CAX19015 IFR   A388
CAX20000 IFR   DH8C
CAX20001 IFR   SF34
CAX20002 IFR   CRJ2
CAX20003 IFR   E170
CAX20004 IFR   MD90
CAX20005 IFR   E190
CAX20006 IFR   A320
CAX20007 IFR   B738
CAX20008 IFR   B752
CAX20009 IFR   B788
CAX20010 IFR   B763
CAX20011 IFR   A332
CAX20012 IFR   A343
CAX20013 IFR   B772
CAX20014 IFR   MD11
CAX20015 IFR   A388