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Montreal - Pierre Elliott Trudeau International (CYUL)



Source: Wikipedia

Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (IATA: YUL, ICAO: CYUL) (French: Aéroport international Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau de Montréal) or Montreal Trudeau, formerly known as Montreal Dorval International Airport, is a Canadian airport located on the Island of Montreal, 20 km (12 mi) from Montreal's downtown core. The airport terminals are located entirely in Dorval, while the Air Canada headquarters complex and one runway is located in Saint-Laurent, Montreal.It is an international airport serving Greater Montreal, along with the regions of northern Vermont and New York.

The airport is named in honour of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the 15th Prime Minister of Canada. Trudeau is the busiest airport in the province of Quebec, the third busiest airport in Canada by passenger traffic and fourth busiest by aircraft movements, with 13,809,820 passengers in 2012 and 230,922 movements in 2011.It is one of eight Canadian airports with United States border preclearance and is one of the main gateways into Canada with 8,436,165 or 61.7% of its passengers being on non-domestic flights, the highest proportion amongst Canada's airports during 2011. It is one of four Air Canada hubs, and, in that capacity, serves mainly Quebec, the Atlantic Provinces and Eastern Ontario.

Pilot Roster

  Name     Last
Rank Flight
green Patrick Tierney CAX Admin US Wednesday, September, 20, 2017 comcap 3307.9
green Scott McKillop CAX Admin CA Saturday, September, 16, 2017 comcap 1854.3
yellow Roy White   CA Monday, August, 28, 2017 comcap 1365.3
yellow Denley Henstridge   CA Wednesday, September, 6, 2017 comcap 1113.0
teal Ali Hammoud   LB Applied: Sunday, August, 27, 2017 studentga 0.0

Pilot Count: 5


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