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Our Structure

There are three (3) separate divisions at California Airlines

  • General Aviation (GA)
  • Cargo Freight Operations (CFO)
  • Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)
  • To meet eligibility for promotion within the divisions, along with any required flight hours, at certain pilot rankings a Check Ride (CKR) Exam is also to be completed before promotion

General Aviation (GA)

All new-hire pilots start out here as a General Aviation (GA) Private Pilot and must complete 100 flight hours in order to advance to GA Commercial Pilot

The GA pilot may continue in this division for as long as desired, earning hours and using any GA Corporate and Regional Jet aircraft. The pilot may fly any General Aviation Private (PVT) flight in qualified aircraft.

GA Commercial Pilots may fly online once California Airlines Certified

The GA Commercial Pilot choosing to remain in GA and just build up flight hours only has to fly PVT non-scheduled flights to meet their two (2) monthly flight minimums.

However, if the GA Commercial Pilot wishes to move into CFO and ATP, the CKR-A exam must be completed.


Cessna 172N Skyhawk

Source: Wikipedia


Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II

Source: Wikipedia

Cal Air Freight Operations (CFO)

Before advancement to the rank of Airline Transport Pilot (ATP), the cargo pilot must have at least 200 flight hours before promotion.


Boeing 727-200F

Source: Wikipedia


Boeing 757-200 Freighter

Source: Wikipedia

Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)

Each rank requires 100 flight hours before eligibility for promotion to the next rank. ATP ranks will not be allowed to fly Airline Transport Aircraft for PVT flights. The ATP pilot may fly the General Aviation Aircraft (Prop and Regional Jet aircraft) as PVT flights.

Additionally, qualified ATP pilots may also fly any scheduled Cargo or non-scheduled BYO flights. Also at certain pilot rankings a Golden Bear Aircraft Certification & Check Ride (CKR) Exam is also to be completed before promotion


Bombardier DHC-8-300

Source: Wikipedia


Boeing 757-200

Source: Wikipedia

Table of Ranks, Hours, Requirements, and Eligibilities

Epaulet Rank Hours Exams Elgibilities
GA Private Pilot General Aviation (GA) Private Pilot 0 - 50 Selected BYO Aircraft may be flown  
GA Instrument Pilot General Aviation (GA) Instrument Pilot 50 - 100 Selected BYO Aircraft may be flown  
GA Commercial Pilot General Aviation (GA) Commercial Pilot 100 - 150 CKR-A Selected BYO Aircraft may be flown  
Cargo Pilot Cargo Pilot 150 - 200 BYO after 150 hours  
First Officer First Officer 200 - 300 BYO  
Senior First Officer Senior First Officer 300 - 400 CKR-B BYO  
Captain Captain 400 - 500 BYO  
Flight Captain Flight Captain 500 - 600 BYO GB (CRJ7)
Senior Captain Senior Captain 600 - 700 CKR-C BYO GB (A321)
Commercial Captain Commercial Flight Captain 700 - 800 BYO GB (B753)
Commercial Flight Captain Commercial Flight Captain 800 - 900 BYO GB (B744)
Commercial Senior Captain Commercial Senior Captain 900 - 1000 CKR-K BYO GB & Concorde
Certified Commercial Senior Captain Certified Commercial Senior Captain Above 1000   BYO GB & Concorde